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The Witnesses Will Not Be Silenced — Mrs. JOAN LOVETT

Mrs. JOAN LOVETT, Wife of Ed Lovett

Joan Joyce Lovett (b. 1936) has described her first encounter with future husband Ed Lovett as “fate.” While on a Hudson River boating trip with classmates from Rutgers University, then-Joan Hampton was involved in an accident that resulted in her group running aground on the shore of the Lovett family estate in Hyde Park, New York. According to Ms. Lovett, a young Ed Lovett watched the mishap from the beach and then led the rescue of the shipwrecked young women, providing them with dry clothes and lodging.

In recent years Joan Lovett née Hampton has been an increasingly blunt champion for her husband’s legacy, which Ms. Lovett contends was tarnished by the Pellarin Commission, the government body appointed to investigate the Apollo 18 accident. Today Ms. Lovett is Chairperson Emeritus of LovettSport, a company she founded following the death of her husband that specializes in camping supplies.

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